Sol Homes offers installation of roofs, decks, pergolas and paver patios for home owners in Georgia and South Carolina.  Our contractors are licensed, bonded and insured in Georgia and South Carolina.   We accept all credit cards.  Please contact us for a quote by email or call 843-885-8381.

Our military and senior retired customers receive 10% off! Please ask for discount.

Ever heard the term that “Fences Make Good Neighbors”? We believe that good quality fences make happy neighbors!

Quality is not the same among fence companies! Do not accept cheaply made fence panels from the big box stores. You’ll be disappointed. The support bars are not true 2 X 4 wood – they are much thinner – and won’t last as long and will sag sooner. They also are nailed with what I believe are sub-standard nails – they seem to rust away quickly. You’ll be disappointed in the long run for that cheaper fence. Nails also begin to lose their gripping power immediately.

Sol Homes uses good quality 2 X 4’s and we make sure that the pickets we use are good quality and free from cracks and warps at install. We also use zinc plated galvanized screws to hold it all together. Zinc is a natural metal that will keep the screws from rusting. The screws will hold onto the wood tightly for a much longer time.

Quote from a customer: “Doug (Sol Homes) went above and beyond my expectations. He took the extra time to make sure things were not only done correctly but also looked the part as well. Highly recommend” – Josh M.


Sol Homes installs roofing shingles that typically come with 25 to 50 year warranties. Ask us for details!


Sol Homes warrants our fences for one year and will replace warped or cracked pickets caused by defect.

Architectural Shingles

Charleston Style Fence

Architectural Shingles

6' Dog Ear Double Gate

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Happy Customer with a Quality Fence


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